Why Diversity Freight Lines?

Diversity Freight Lines  maintains exceptional professionalism in every issue related to the technical side of the relocation and remain very highly rated in making the customers feel just like a part of the family. It is extremely important for us that every party of the transportation remains satisfied.

Diversity Freight Lines Inc. has been working hard on bringing the very best of each trade to keep the services at the highest level. We ensure the high quality of satisfaction & surpass expectations of customer service to bring satisfaction to you. Let our professional team assist you in each and every transportation step. Enthusiasm, greatness and reliability define Diversity Freight Lines Inc. every day of the year.

As our founder Ken says: ‘First of all, be loyal to your customers. But your loyalty can only be derived from your enthusiastic approach and outstanding performance. When these three are blended together it makes you and everything you do – GREAT!’.


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With our HQ based in Pittsburgh, PA we are servicing the entire Continental USA

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